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Writer's Block: Fashion faux pas

What is the strangest thing in your closet?


Writer's Block: Let freedom ring

How do you celebrate Independence Day in your country?

US-centric websites have hit a new low with this question. News flash: Not many countries have something called 'Independence Day', and few non-Americans give a shit about 4 July.

Aug. 3rd, 2010

Yes, it is highly possible that other people capped the same moment.

But when I see articles like this, and read quotes such as "I’m not sure if we should applaud or mock the crazy fool who has been waiting fifteen years to release this screenshot on the Internet – but whoever it is … they’ve finally got their story out.", I realise that my greatest contribution to the Internet has been made... and so few know that I am responsible for it.
I've pondered it, contemplated it, come close to it... and now that I've discovered the tool that can change privacy settings en masse, I have done it.

I've flicked the switch, and this journal will now be friends only.

According to my Livejournal profile, I have 35 users listed as friends, but I am "friend of" 101 users. If you are one of those 66 extra readers, and you'd like to continue reading, drop me a line letting me know who you are.

Cherry Pizza B.A.

may the whole world know... I am done! It is over! I have completed my final assignment, emailed it to the tutor, and now just waiting for her to get back to me about whether she's received enough material to pass me - YAY!

Wish I wasn't so sick, broke, isolated, cynical atm so I could actually celebrate... but hey, I'll save all that for graduation.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am now an educated man!